Maxime Bistro Français is a new French Steak house, Bistro and Mussel Bar revitalized in French Revolutionary themes, brought to you by the successful trio of Washington, DC restauranteurs Ben Kirane, Moe Idrissi, and Joe Idrissi.  The French name, Maxime, is often associated with a variety of French personalities, but was chosen for its Latin translation of “special.”  

“To us the word special means rarely found.  Maxime will re-define the expectations of customers looking for exceptional and affordable French cuisine, but in a relaxed, informal atmosphere,” said one of the owners, Ben Kirane. “We want our customers to be frequent visitors who stop by for happy hour after class or work, to enjoy a variety of beverages, excellent hors d’oeuvres, friendly conversation - then stay for an amazing, affordable dinner!”

 Our French dishes are thoughtfully prepared to be simple yet exceptional in taste. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, accommodating their individual needs and palates. Great care is given to the selection of beef; we strive to provide the best combination of flavor and tenderness.  We offer specially prepared, hand-cut fries in large quantities along with Moule Frites, freshly cooked mussels in varied seasonings and sauces—a popular request.

The interior design throughout the restaurant is a chic and rustic interpretation of French culture with a slight edge—uniquely inspired by the French Revolution.  

“Interior design has always been a passion of mine.  After a recent European tour, my appreciation for French history and culture deepened. I was further inspired after visiting various galleries, museums and the world famous Ecole des Beaux Arts in Brussels. That led me to the idea of combining neoclassical elements of the French Revolution with pop culture to come up with a truly unique and special place—Maxime," said owner, Ben Kirane. 

Ben partnered with Spanish artist, Nerea Fuentes, who helped him further conceptualize the theme.  "I tried to enhance Maxime’s 18th century interior with my iconic pop images, specifically a playful caricature of Marie Antoinette,” said Nerea.

With plenty of nearby students, Nerea’s youthful additions are a great asset for Maxime.  Historical figures are artfully captured in vibrant wall art among leather banquette-style seating and bistro tables. Our beautifully crafted bar area is a fan favorite with a whimsical, hip, and nostalgic atmosphere featuring vibrant overhead lighting leading the way to pop culture creations of French staples, Napoleon and Louis XVI. 

Once you have been captivated by the cool ambiance and historical vitality at Maxime, you will want to try our other popular restaurants in Georgetown Bodega and Thunder Burger!  Whichever of our restaurants you choose to dine in tonight, we promise an experience that will keep you coming back time and again!

We look forward to seeing you in our newest restaurant, Maxime, and hope you will join us soon! 

Merci! -Ben, Joe & Moe